Thursday, May 1, 2014

Joe Miller Receives a Teaching Assistantship in Baden near Vienna

I have been placed at Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule BHAK BHAS, which is in Baden bei Wien, a 20-minute train ride south of Vienna. I am very excited to start my post-college career in such a wonderfully new environment. I hope to improve my German as well as learn the lovely Austrian dialect, and maybe come out of the whole experience fluent in the language. Apart from the immediate experiences, this opportunity will make way for my future. I hope to become a German professor, much like the ones who have influenced me during my educational career. This teaching assistantship will give me a look in to what my life might look like in the future, if I continue my journey down the path of academia. Hopefully all of these experiences will influence me to find out my true character and what I want to pursue in my future.

This teaching assistantship program is co-sponsored by the Austrian Educational Commission and the Fulbright Commission of Austria.