Thursday, January 31, 2013

Austin Eighan Studying in Munich

I'll be actually staying here in Munich for two terms, but since I'm finishing up my Klausurs and Hausarbeiten right now, this semester is almost finished. The time here has been great so far! I've got the chance to really broaden my horizons. not only in the sense of traveling to Croatia, Luxembourg, Brussels, and a few other places, but also in terms of work experience. I've had the opportunity to work at an Business English language school as well as for an international event planning agency as a translator. I've really been pushed to step out of my boundaries in terms of jumping into the business world here in Germany, but it's been great so far!


Austin (lower right) and friends in Munich

Monday, January 28, 2013

German Club Presents Film TRISTAN UND ISOLDE

This magnificent masterpiece among the medieval love legends is coming to third quad.
This one is a must-see.  See you there!