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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Austria Group in Full Swing at Salzburg University

In the northern Alps of Austria, the city, or Stadt, of Salzburg sits nestled among rolling hills and jagged bergs. It’s an ancient place, anchored by a fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg) built hundreds of years ago that now stands sentinel to one of the most beautiful urban areas in Europe. 

2012 Austria Study Abroad in the Black Forest -- 22 Students Strong!

The 2012 Austria Study Abroad group is currently experiencing the beauty of the mountains, meadows, and baroque architecture of Salzburg. Twenty-two students live in housing within the city and take classes offered at the University of Salzburg, taught by CSB/SJU-contracted instructors and professors. Courses range from German to Environmental Ethics, but may include informal classes in making turkey schnitzel and spaetzle or time out to hike the hills and mountains that are accessible in minutes. 

Picking grapes at Mehofer Vineyard, Neudegg, Austria.

Tom Kroll, Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum Director, is directing this year’s Study Abroad experience. In addition to teaching Environmental Ethics, Herr Kroll leads students on hikes atop local mountains, in search of biophilia symbolism, and on tours at sawmills to help participants grasp supply and demand issues related to renewable resources. Living in Salzburg allows students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the German language (Austrian dialect).

Students also have spent time in the country picking grapes at a winery, biking along the Danube, and experiencing the hospitality and magnificence of the Austrian Benedictine Abbey Stift Melk. Students also studied sustainability issues and toured the Furstenberg forests in the Black Forest of Germany. Next up? Vienna!

A scenic Break at Stift Melk 

Importantly, the Study Abroad experience affords students the chance to compare and contrast European practices and policies with those of the United States in terms of resource consumption and allocation. With a much denser population, Austria and Germany are challenged to provide a high standard of living while preserving their natural resources. Differences are notable. Public transportation options and personal transportation (bicycling, walking), for example, are much more prevalent in Salzburg than in St. Cloud. 
While differences are notable, similarities also are evident. People work, strive, and celebrate their lives in Austria. Humans in search of adventure is universal!

Note:  We congratulate the vibrant, adventurous students and leaders of the 2012 Austria group.  And we look forward to your return to share your excitement and stories with us at CSB/SJU!  Alles Gute und schönen Aufenthalt noch! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Austin Eighan and Daniel Schmit Awarded German Studies Scholarships

Congratulations to Austin Eighan '14 and Daniel Schmit '14, recipients of the 2012-2013 Otmar Drekonja German Cultural Studies Scholarship! The scholarship is awarded every spring on the basis of a demonstrated commitment to German Studies, aspirations for using German in the future for teaching, graduate studies, or other professional activity in the field of German, and financial need. This scholarship is open to all German majors & minors enrolled at CSB/SJU who will be juniors or seniors in fall semester.  Congratuations Austin and Daniel.  We are proud of you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cooking Workshop -- KÄSESPÄTZLE!

Do you want to have as much fun as she's having?

Come to German Club's
 Käse Spätzle cooking workshop....Scroll down!
 What is spätzle you ask?  "Dumpling" isn't quite right,
though they do sometimes wind up in soups and stews.
 But in terms of how they're made and what they're made of,
they are more like fresh pasta than anything else. In fact,
you'll find various recipe sources that translate spätzle as
 "noodles" or "little dumplings."
So come and enjoy good company and good food!

When: Tuesday, October 9th at 5:00pm
Where: Flynntown community center

See you there :)

German Club

Friday, October 5, 2012

Scholarships for Summer Courses in Berlin -- browse the links!

DAAD New York is delighted to announce that we are offering University Summer Course Grants available to US and Canadian students for the summer of 2013.

These scholarships are available for a broad range of three- to four- week summer courses taught in German at various German universities, which focus mainly on literary, cultural, political and economic aspects of modern and contemporary Germany. Extensive advanced language learning as well as extracurricular programs complement and reinforce the core material. For a full list of courses please visit our university summer course search engine at

We hope that you will encourage your students to apply. For eligibility requirements, terms of awards and application guidelines please visit our website at

If you or your students have further questions regarding this scholarship please do not hesitate to contact Uta Gaedeke at the DAAD New York Office @ email:  or at: 212-758 3223 ext: 209.

With best regards,
Sebastian Fohrbeck
Director, DAAD New York

Uta Gaedeke
Senior Program Officer
DAAD New York
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-758 3223 ext.: 209 * Fax:212-755 5780

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Application Deadline for Germany Internship December 1.

German student Jessica Raboin writes the folowing about her experience: 

This is the program I did. CBYX  It is an EXCELLENT program that is FREE minus spending cash ($300/month I needed). If you ever want me to talk to a class about this opportunity, or a specific student, please let me know. I would love too. I had a life-curving experience that continues to shape what I am and who I want to be today--it was truly a transformative year. I not only began learning the German language and culture from the moment I stepped on the plane to my orientation in D.C., but along the way I learned about dozens of other cultures, languages and customs, which has improved my communication and critical thinking skills. Plus, I had the best host family ever! I have nothing bad to say about the program. Anyway, just letting you know. -- Jessica 

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals is a full-year work-study fellowship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange. CBYX annually provides 75 young Americans with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in Germany.

The program begins in July and includes two months of intensive German language training (no prior German language knowledge required), four months of classroom instruction at a German university or college of applied sciences, and a five-month internship in each participant’s career field.

The CBYX for Young Professionals program is intended primarily for young adults in business, vocational, scientific, engineering, technical, and agricultural fields, though applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply.

Participants actively participate in securing their internship positions with assistance from our partner organization in Germany, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, and are expected to cover incidental expenses as well as represent the United States diplomatically while abroad.

Program Benefits

•Full-year scholarship including round-trip transatlantic flight, university tuition, language training, living stipend, and program-related travel costs in Germany

•Two-months German language training in Germany

•Four months of study at a German university or university of applied sciences

•Five-month internship in a German-speaking work environment

•Accommodation in a German home or student residence

•Orientation, midyear, and final evaluation seminars

•In-country support throughout the program

•Health and accident insurance


Candidates for CBYX must meet the following eligibility requirements:

•U.S. citizen or permanent resident

•18-24 years old at the beginning of the program

•Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent

•Completed general coursework in target internship field at a community college, college, or university

•Completed some relevant work experience (short-term, volunteer, or internship) in target internship field

•Previous knowledge of the German language is preferred, but is not required

•Ideal candidates have clear career goals, good communication skills, and exhibit flexibility and diplomacy

Applcation Deadline:  December 1, 2012 for the 2013–2014 program year.

For more information click here.