Monday, February 18, 2013

Rebecca Bilbro and Ben Kollaja to be Pioneers of Our New Eichstätt Exchange Program

Rebecca and Ben have been chosen to be the first CSB/SJU students to engage in our new exchange program with  Eichstätt University just north of Munich. After Rebecca and Ben spend a year and semester in Eichstätt respectively, German students will come to CSB/SJU, a true exchange between our universities!

Congratulations Rebecca and Ben!

Phil Roye from Germany has Loved His Four Years at CSB/SJU

Dear Students and Profs at CSB/SJU,

Looking back at the time that I have spent at CSBSJU, I can truly admit that these 4 years have been amazing. Both schools have taught me so much, not just from an academic but also a social standpoint.
   When I first started here almost 4 years ago, I did not know what and where I would end up later in life. Because of the unique academic program, I was able to take a variety of classes from different departments and finally decided on being a nutrition major and exercise science minor. The professors here have helped in exceptional ways to prepare me for the future. Without their help, I would have never gotten accepted to graduate and medical school.
    Compared to my fellow students in Germany, I was able to choose classes that I really wanted to take. For example, I am very interested in business management and was able to take management classes here at CSBSJU. However, my friends at German universities have a very strict schedule and are usually not able to decide which classes to take. In addition, they have to enroll in twice as many classes per semester, which puts an additional burden and stress on my fellow friends.
Even though I am very excited to move on with my life and open a new ‘chapter,’ I am very happy to admit that CSBSJU was my ‘home’ for the last four years. Both schools will always have a special place in my heart.

Ed. Note:  Phil, We've been so appreciative of your presence and spirit in the German Studies Program.  Thank you for all your contributions and all the best for your future!  Do keep in touch.