Monday, July 5, 2010

Thanks from the heart ... We couldn't do it without you!

Dear Wonderful Colleagues,

Thank you Lonnie Johnson in Vienna for guiding our Fulbright TA Recipients each year; Dave Lyndgaard, Provost Rita Knuesel, and Dean Joe Desjardins for supporting our new German Studies curriculum and paving the way for Fulbright TA positions at CSB/SJU. Thank you John Taylor for your yearly work with foundations on our behalf; Mike Connolly and Jody Terhaar for finding excellent living quarters for our visiting Fulbright TA/Scholars; professors Greg Schroeder and Charles Bobertz for superb management of our Salzburg Program; Ernie Dietrich, Greg Schroeder and Joe Rogers for helping us create a vision for European and German Studies Abroad; Tom Kroll for your giving our students tours -- in German -- through the SJU wetlands; Stuart Goldschen for your superb photography and moral support; and Mary Niedenfuer for your countless daily contributions as coordinator of our department. We couldn't do it without you!

15 Minnesota High Schools Attend Minnesota DeutschFest at CSB/SJU

On May 14th three hundred Minnesota high school students arrived at Saint John's for a morning of upbeat competitions and an early afternoon awards ceremony in the abbey church to honor Minnesota high school teachers and students. It was an amazing joint venture between CSB/SJU and Minnesota high schools.  THANK YOU to everyone who attended and worked so hard for this year's event.  We have set a goal to double the attendance next year!