Saturday, May 10, 2014

Alex Van Loh Awarded Teaching Fulbright in Germany

Ich schätze mich glücklich und ich bin sehr begeistert! Ich habe heute gehört, dass ich in Thüringen sein werde. Ich weiß noch nicht welche Stadt.  After having studied abroad in Austria, I wanted to expand my knowledge of Germanic culture by experiencing life in Germany. Living, teaching, and learning in Germany will broaden my cultural consciousness and give me more tools for communicating in the future. Studying a foreign language is a type of academic work distinct from all others. It is stimulating to uncover a subject that is so clearly and directly applicable to life. It overcomes communication barriers, allows for new forms of self- expression, and makes one more aware of the subtleties of one’s own language. To be able to cultivate these ideas in students across the world is an extraordinary opportunity that I feel very fortunate to have been given.