Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grant Christian (CSBSJU '16) Receives Military-Cultural Internship in Germany

Dear Students, Faculty and Friends, 

This summer I will be part of the CULP Mission Training Internship in Germany.  CULP is an acronym that stands for Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency. It is a merit-based program available to all ROTC cadets in the nation. The purpose of this mission is to develop relations with foreign nations, broaden insights about foreign militaries and learn how they operate in comparison to the United States military as well as give the cadets a chance to practice their language in a professional setting.  From June 8th to July 8th this summer I will be working alongside and collaborating with the German Armed Forces, specifically with a young officer of similar rank, on various training missions and situation exercises in order to have a greater understanding and awareness of how the United States Military operates in relation to the rest of the world. I will be part of an American team consisting of other cadets from school all across the nation who were also awarded this trip. Transportation, meals, and housing expenses are all covered as a part of the program. The mission lasts approximately one month. This is a wonderful experience to practice your language and experience the culture in a very unique way that you would otherwise not have the opportunity to as a traveler/tourist.

To apply for this program you must be part of the ROTC program and you can talk to your cadre leader about it, they will have all the necessary information. Additionally, there are missions all around the world tailored to your specific language skillset. There are also English teaching programs in more under developed countries for those that do not have a second language. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

Grant Christian