Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tim Marzik (CSB/SJU 2011) lands a German Job in Brooklyn

Tim writes to Professor Kiryakakis: 

This past week I heard back from Google, where I will be working as a "German Ads Quality Rater".  I will be given assignments with various German search terms that Americans would look up online, and have to decide which web pages are the most accurate results based on the true definition of the search term word.  Fortunately, this position allows me to work from home so I can spend continue devoting more time to my music and composition and live on my own schedule.   For this new position, I am required to provide personal/professional references and was wondering if you would be willing to let me list you as a reference?  Our classes and time spent working on the senior thesis was integral to allowing me to be qualified for this position.  I would feel very comfortable having my new employer know about my time spent learning with you in the German department.  Would you be comfortable with me providing them with your name and work phone number in the Quad?  Let me know if this would be alright with you. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Professor Wendy Sterba to give a Thursday forum talk on March 27 in Quad 346.

Adoring Adorno: A Door to Aesthetics in a Postmodern age? at SJU on March 27.

4:15  Little Theatre (Q346)

 Adoring Adorno: A Door to Aesthetics in a Postmodern age?

We live in a postmodern wonderland where master narratives, authority and values such as good and bad are hard to assess (well, we would have called them bad back in the day but now I guess they are instruments of hegemonic discourse.) Does this mean we are destined to consider all texts as equally valuable? Do we as Walter Benjamin would have it, politicize art at the risk of aestheticizing politics, or is there another answer to this dilemma of disappearing authority. This presentation seeks to look at three directions in German thought and what they say to us about the problems of art in culture and it does so in VERY SIMPLE straightforward terms that we can all understand and interact with.

Professor Lisa Ohm and senior Austin Eighan to present on current issues in Germany -- January 30 in Gorecki

“Update on Germany: Shifting Priorities and Overcoming Crises” has been accepted for the Spring Thursday Forum 2014 series. Th8is presentation will be on January 30, 2014 at 4:15pm, in the President’s Conference Room in Gorecki DCC at CSB.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Oktoberfest a Wild Success! -- Click on Link for 125 photos!

The German Club's fourth annual Oktoberfest was hosted on the 26th of October.  This year was by far the most attended of years previous, making the German Club excited for the years to come.  This year the German Club was able to do a lot more in terms of getting the campus excited for the event, the highlight being a flash mob of the popular German song, Rock Mi, by VoXXclub, done in the Gorecki Dinging Center.  Games at the event included the popular Steinheben, or Stein hoist, and a costume contest of the most Germanic costume, giving students the opportunity to be creative and show off their Trachten.    
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