Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Salzburg Group Returns and Enjoys Kaiserschmarren at a Welcome Back Party

Welcome back Megan, Brady, Jennifer, Aimee, Jeremy, Nicole, Kolby, Sean, Kevin, Daniel, Chris, Megan, Matthew, Jacob, and Katie -- and Lisa and Stuart! 

On January 24th, returnees from our semester at Salzburg University enjoyed the traditional Austrian dessert, Kaiserschmarren.  It is generally agreed that Kaiserschmarren was first prepared for the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I (1830–1916). There are several stories. One  story involves the Emperor and his wife, Elisabeth of Bavaria, of the House of Wittelsbach. Obsessed with maintaining a minimal waistline, the Empress Elisabeth directed the royal chef to prepare only light desserts for her, much to the consternation and annoyance of her notoriously austere husband. Upon being presented with the chef’s confection, she found it too rich and refused to eat it. The exasperated Francis Joseph quipped, “Now let me see what "Schmarrn" our chef has cooked up”. It apparently met his approval as he finished his and even his wife’s serving. Thereafter, the dessert was called Kaiserschmarrn across the Empire.

Monday, January 3, 2011