Saturday, January 26, 2008

Robert Mevissen, Michael Risch-Jansen, Brittany Boll, and Melissa Hendrickx Awarded Otmar Drekonja and S. Margaretta Nathe Scholarships Totaling $5000.

Brittany and Melissa, Robert and Michael, thank you for all the good energy and enthusiasm you bring to our Department! You represent well the astonishing motivation, vision, and love of life exemplified so well by S. Margaretta and Otmar Drekonja.

Dear Brittany and Melissa, Michael and Robert,

We are delighted to present to you the highest awards that we offer at CSB/SJU for the study of German. Both S. Margaretta Nathe and Otmar Drekonja are known for their outstanding teaching of German for CSB/SJU. S. Margaretta founded abroad programs in Switzerland and Germany. Otmar Drekonja was founder of our Salzburg Program in 1977, directing groups of more than 200 students on study abroad programs in Salzburg and elsewhere in Central Europe. Their distinguished teaching careers resonate in the personal and professional lives of generations of students.