Saturday, January 26, 2008

Professor Gregory Schroeder and His Family Head to Salzburg with Fifteen CSB/SJU Students

Student Members of the Salzburg Program Include

Sara Allen, Nick Elsen, Nicole Bach, Melissa Hendrickx, Laura Ruprecht, Jason Fluto, Josephine Hall, Gregory Nordlund, Emily Karnas, David McKay, Candice Kamke, Brian Downes, Ben Bartelt, Brittany Boll, Audrey Gabe.

Professor Schroeder is a lover of all things Austrian and is especially fond of the beauty of Salzburg and the opportunities we have developed in the thirty years we have been at the University. Our professors there are stellar and our small class sizes give students the chance engage intensely with the language and cultures of Germany and Austria. Schroeder's emphasis in his teaching will be on Austrian identity from the era of the Hapsburg Empire to the present. he will also be introducing a new immersion course on Austrian culture and language. This is Professor Schroeder's third time directing the program for CSB/SJU students, having gone with other groups in 2001 and 2004. Zukunftige Salzburger and Herr Professor Doktor Schroeder, how lucky you are to spend fall term in this most beautiful of cities. We all wish you Gute Reise!