Saturday, January 26, 2008

18 CSB/SJU Students Head to Munich for May Term

This is the fifth summer in the row that students of our colleges have had the chance to experience Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy first hand. The first May Term -- one of the first in our colleges' history -- was offered three years ago for 30 students and featured a comparison of the art and architecture of Berlin and Munich. the last two years 45 students participated in a similar May term, but the topic shifted to the development of German Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture in relation to what was happening culturally in the Mediterranean region. This summer on May 19 and again on July 13, a total of forty-five more students will depart for the summer term seminar titled, Rome, Florence and Munich: Arts and Ideas.

Pictured here: Students biking through Munich learning about the history of its architecture and the intellectual movements that gave rise to radically different kinds of architectural expression. Our tour director Dave gives a lecture in front of the Friedensengel in Munich. In the picture on the right, Sam Pokorney (center) joins Bavarian Schuhplattler in a traditional Volkstanz.