Monday, November 10, 2008

German Professors Lisa Ohm, Andreas Kiryakakis, Wendy Sterba, and Mark Thamert Inaugurate New German Studies Curriculum

Since June 2005 the German Studies Faculty has been engaged in a comprehensive curriculum renewal project, Excellence and Cohesiveness in the German Studies Curriculum. Our new slate of courses and co-curricular activities present a new integration of culture, literature and language-building activities at every level in the undergraduate program. We are now offering for the first time a variety of 2-credit courses to help our majors and minors complete their program of study in a timely manner. We are delighted with the results of more than three years of research and workshop on what will best suit our students' needs. more>>

Professors Lisa Ohm, Andreas Kiryakakis, Wendy Sterba and Mark Thamert engaged in dozens of curricular discussions from June 2005 to September 2008