Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Secial Thanks to Our Friends and Partners 2012-2013

Thank you Lonnie Johnson in Vienna for guiding our Fulbright TA Recipients each year -- as well as the TAs who have joined us from Austria; Dave Lyndgaard, Provost Rita Knuesel, and Vice-Provost Joe Desjardins for supporting our new German Studies curriculum and paving the way for Fulbright TA positions at CSB/SJU. Thank you John Taylor for your work with foundations on our behalf; Tory Oelfke for finding fine living quarters for our visiting Fulbright TA/Scholars; Tom Kroll for superb management of our Salzburg Program; Nicole Clements and Peggy Retka from the Office of Education Abroad for your efforts in finalizing our new exchange program with the Catholic University of Eichstätt and for aiding in every aspect of our program at the University of Salzburg; Joe Rogers, Paula Ramaley and John Hasselberg for helping us create a vision for European and German Studies and German internships abroad; Karen Erickson, Sarah Pruett and Mary Niedenfuer for creatively and energetically leading our Languages and Cultures Department through departmental review and for guiding registration and curricular processes through the right channels; Lisa Ohm for your superb administration of the national German exam interviews for Minnesota high schools students and the awards banquet which followed; Stuart Goldschen for your astonishing photography and moral support; and thank you student leaders and language partners who created a very ambitious co-curricular program for German Studies, including a top-notch film series, Oktoberfest in the fall, Karneval just before Lent and Sustaina-Polka-bility in the spring. We couldn't do it without you!!