Thursday, November 15, 2012

CSB/SJU Offers International Teaching Externship Germany

Summer: Mid-May to mid-June

Winter: Mid-January to mid-February

Program Description

The CSB/SJU Education International Teaching Externship (ITE) program is a 4-week international opportunity where students will have a chance to work as a teaching assistant and/or team teacher in one of several locations. The ITE program is a professional teaching experience that you participate in following your teaching internship (student teaching) experience in the US. It is an additional opportunity to put your teaching skills into use in an international environment as you work with an on-site cooperating teacher. Teaching internationally is a great way to set yourself apart from others for job applications. ITE will be a professional adventure you will never forget! View a PowerPoint Presentation on the ITE program. View a PowerPoint Presentation on the ITE program.
Please see Education Department Chair, Professor Janet Grochowski, for more information.

Program Cost
The estimated program cost is $3,800. Students will also be given a $500 stipend to help offset costs.

Estimated fees include:Round trip international airfare from Minneapolis to Dusseldorf, Germany
  • International insurance and student card
  • Domestic transportation and travel
  • Essen lodging and meals (30 days and nights)
  • Personal entertainment

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Submit your ITE Application form the semester BEFORE your teaching internship (student teaching):
    Application Deadline for Summer 2013 is November 4, 2012
    Application Deadline for Winter 2014 is April 4, 2013
  • Your application will be reviewed by the ITE Committee and you are notified.
  • You will complete 16 weeks teaching internship in the US.
  • Participate in all pre-departure and re-entry orientation activities.
  • You will be automatically registered for EDUC 368 (1-2 credits) during your teaching internship (student teaching) semester, so no additional tuition charges.
  • You must have a current passport at departure time
  • Students must have an ability to pay all travel expenses and personal expenses including room and board, but participants will receive a $500 stipend to help offset the program costs.

ITE Committee

  • Professor Janet Grochowski, PhD, Chair
  • Allison Spenader, PhD
  • Del Brobst, Director K-12, 5-12, 9-12 Teacher Candidates
  • Melisa Dick, Director Elementary Teacher Candidates