Friday, February 10, 2012

Austin Eighan Heads to Munich for His Junior Year

The decision between Schalgobers and Schalgrahm was not an easy one to make. Having already spent a year in Melk, Austria, my decision to study for a year abroad in Munich came primarily through the desire to experience the German way of living. The Junior Year in Munich Program based out of Wayne State University will provide just that. The program provides many different opportunities for students to not only further their German speaking ability, but also their independence. Throughout my duration in the program, the mixture between the support provided by the program and my own pursuit of various classes directly at the Technische Universität München or Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München, I plan to immerse myself completely into the German culture and language. Obwohl St. John’s  mir sehr fehlen wird, freue ich mich schon sehr auf München!