Tuesday, January 17, 2012

John Herbeck '90 Visits Frau Paeske in Salzburg

Fr. Mark:

     I found Frau Paeske. We spent a few hours together in her dining room and she is just as giddy and friendly as always. We shared laughs and also a couple of tears. Herr Paeske died a few years ago, and her daughter Birgitte died just a couple of years ago from some type of brain/head issue, maybe cancer.
     She currently has one student, from a former Yugoslav republic.   She pulled out her photo album, and I wrote in it for the third time. The last time I had visited was in the spring of 2001.
     She has built up quite the legacy and I feel rather compelled to do something while she is still around, and maybe connect those who have stayed with her/them. She wants visits and is still sharp as a tack. I am hoping to visit her again, but don't know when I can make it back.   I am trying to connect with her other daughter and son-in-law via email.
     I have some insights and ideas about the Salzburg Progam and would love to come to St. John's and catch up with you, and continue to be an ambassador for German language and study abroad programs! For me it all started with you, Fr. Mark, and so thank you for that! I copied Mike Koalska on this message.

All the best,
John Herbeck
SJU '90