Friday, January 20, 2012

Brooke Kreitinger '01 Completing German PhD Degree at Georgetown University

Dear Friends at CSB/SJU,  
   Wonderful to hear from you! I hope this finds you and all in the German Department enjoying a productive, stimulating start to a new semester.  I indeed continue to use my German since graduating from St. Ben's/St. John's and hope to keep doing so in a new setting starting next fall!
   After a DAAD Grant for a year of research in Germany at the University of Trier, I am back at Georgetown completing my dissertation titled "Practicing the Spatial Imagination of Accelerated Globalization in Contemporary German-language Novels," which I will defend this May. As for my plans upon completion of my PhD, I am applying for positions at colleges/universities throughout the country, so that I will hopefully be able to continue teaching at the college level and researching topics related to German language, literature and culture. And of course, I hope that sooner rather than later I am able to lead a study abroad adventure to a German-speaking region of the world.
   All my best,    Brooke

Dear Brooke,
   We are all so proud of you.  I hope you can come and visit sometime.  All good things as you complete your PhD work and plan for your future!