Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CSB/SJU Students Thriving in Salzburg

Dear Salzburgers!  The joy on your faces means you are taking good advantage of all  the opportunities Austria has to offer.  It will be wonderful to see you when you return to hear about all your adventures! We are proud of your taking advantage of this wonderful program.  Alles Gute!

Here is a note from our colleague Professor Lisa Ohm who is directing the group this year with her husband Stuart Goldschen: 

Dear Colleagues and Students at CSB/SJU!   The city of Salzburg is as beautiful as ever, and friendlier than ever despite the throngs of tourists. The 16 CSB/SJU students are settling in and beginning to feel like they belong here. They like the dorm rooms; only one student's roommate has arrived--from Japan, and speaking some German and no English! We visited the summer palace of Makus Sittikus and enjoyed the water fountains that spray without warning from numerous directions. Typical of Mannerism, said the guide: surprise and contrast. Classes started last Monday. Dr. Spechtler gave a lecture covering some basic background information on religious drama and the Oberammergau Passion Play in particular. When looking at the gospel sources for the play, he stressed that Westerners must read with the pictoral language of the Orient in mind and forget the Western penchant for facts. The weather has been beautiful: a bit of rain, but mostly good days for being outdoors. Students climbed the Gaisberg as a prelude to Untersberg. Sunday we visited the Stift Melk and saw the splendor of the Baroque and were impressed by the "fortress abbey" on the Danube. And this is only the beginning!...Oktoberfest begins this weekend in Muenchen, next weekend is Oberammergau...

Salzburg Gruppe 2010

Megan Boll
Brady Dietman
Jennifer Grier
Aimee Harren
Jeremy Hericks
Nicole Johnson
Kolby Kulas
Sean Lynch
Kevin Murphy
Daniel Parker
Christopher Pignato
Megan Priebe
Matthew Roggenbuck
Jacob Schumacher
Christopher Seiler
Katie Ulrich