Saturday, October 31, 2009

German Majors Win Fulbright Awards

Pictured (left to right): Robert Mevissen, Amy Heroux
Michael Risch-Janssen, Sam Lauer

The Austrian Fulbright Commission awarded four teaching positions to CSB/SJU German majors for 2009-2010. They are: Robert Mevissen ('09), Amy Herou ('09), Michael Risch-Jansen ('08), and Sam Lauer ('08).

Each year, CSB and SJU German majors and minors are selected for research projects and teaching positions in Austrian and German Gymnasien, or schools. Over the past 15 years some 50 CSB/SJU students have participated in these prestigious programs following their graduation. The Fulbright Program especially appreciates applicants who are interested in the study and use of German in their plans for the future, either in teaching or in other careers. For more information about how to apply before next year's October 15th (Germany) and February 1st (Austria) deadlines, see the Fulbright Webpage and Application Form.

Robert Mevissen graduated summa cum laude with a triple major in German, French, and History. His duties in Austria will be split between a position as English teaching assistant at a German gymnasium and taking classes at the University of Vienna to conduct further study on a research project. Robert also plays the violin and hopes to find a community orchestra to play with while in Austria.