Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014 a Great Success

The German Club was proud to host our fifth annual Oktoberfest in Bro. Willie’s Pub on Saturday, Oct. 18th. As in past years, the event included music, dancing, good food and drink, and games with prizes. Campus DJs did a great job of DJing the event, playing a combination of popular German and Austrian songs, electronic music, and even a small amount of Polka to get people dancing. Food served included hot Brezen and Würstl. Beer was served upstairs, including Paulaner Weißbier, the world-famous wheat beer brewed in Munich. Games included Steinheben, a game where contestants attempt to hold a liter of water with an outstretched arm for as long as possible, a costume contest with prizes for the best dressed Mädel and Bursche, and a guessing game where contestants had to estimate the number of gummy bears in a liter Stein. We had an estimated 200 people attend, and it was all in all a great event!
     Congratulations, German Club Members, on organizing such a fine event.