Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing Martin Spendlhofer

Saint John's and Saint Ben's welcomes Fulbright awardee Martin Spendlhofer as scholar and teaching assistant to our campuses.
   When asked about his plans to study abroad at CSB/SJU, Martin said,  "I want to immerse in the American culture and learn more about it. I wish to share my own German/Austrian culture and my views of the world by talking with as many students as I can. I would also like to broaden my own horizon by taking classes. One of the reasons why I want to be part of the Fulbright program is because I’ve always wanted to go abroad. I believe that 'thinking out of the box' – or better said,  'travelling outside your country' can broaden your mind considerably. You can get to know new people and new ways of living, thinking and even teaching and educating. My career goals can be put very simply: I want to keep teaching until I retire. After I have returned from the US, I plan to do my master’s degree in creative pedagogies while teaching to strengthen my practical knowledge." 
    Martin stands out for his interest in and knowledge of drama pedagogy and his innovative teaching ideas that are aimed at involving and motivating students. In addition to his teaching abilities he is also a volunteer at the Red Cross and has worked as a Catholic youth group leader. Through his extra-curricular involvement and his jobs as a teacher, Martin brings a thorough understanding of current affairs, economics and business practices in Germany to the table. In sum, Martin can be described as very hard working, insightful, collegial and innovative. Because of these qualities, he has already been offered a teaching position when he returns, one that will allow him to continue graduate studies simultaneously.  
     This coming year Saint John's University is also pioneering an exchange program with the University of Eichstätt in central Germany. Because Martin is further along in his career choice and goals, his presence on campus will enhance this exciting new exchange program and make it as fruitful as possible.