Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three Great Upper Div Courses for Spring 2011 -- Take Two!

Dear German Students!
Indulge your appetite for things German this coming semester!  Andreas K's survey course will give you a broad view of modern German Culture and Literature -- focusing on some of the most thought-provoking writers of modern times.  Wendy Sterba's Medieval course is a perennial favorite and her love of the medieval period complete with knights, royal families, dragons, hermits and love stories will grab your imagination.  Mark Thamert's Great Ideas will feature short texts and and many ideas to challenge the way you think about life. 

GERM 325: Survey 1850 until Present (4 credits)
This seminar will be a study of German literature and its cultural background from the mid-19th century to the 20th century. Representative literary and cultural texts of German Nobel Prize winners in literature will be read, analyzed and discussed. The course will include literary and cultural trends and movements of Naturalism, Impressionism, Expressionism, and post-World War II contemporary developments. Texts from the following authors will be included: Gerhart Hauptmann, Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Nelly Sachs, Heinrich Böll, Günter Grass, Elfriede Jelinek, and Herta Müller.     Andreas Kiryakakis

GERM 330:  German Lands in Religious Transition: The Light and Dark of the Middle Ages. (2-4 credits)
Before the Common Era, Germanic tribes moved into central Europe and greatly affected the culture of the continent. This course explores the origins and effects of the united European Empire myth. It also looks at the ways in which religions and feudal structures impacted the culture, actions and art of a variety of Europe. Prerequisites: 212; 311 and 312, or concurrent enrollment in 311 or 312. Offered every three years. Can be repeated with permission of instructor if content varies. Qualifies as a course in Period.   Wendy Sterba

GERM 357C: Great Ideas in German Culture (2 credits)
Students and Fr. Mark will gather to decide the best meeting time, wherther evening or during the day. AB mod only.

This 2-credit seminar emphasize developing students' discussion skills and will feature short texts by such significant writers as Hildegard von Bingen; Kafka und Nietzsche; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Freud und Heine; Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels; Otto von Bismarck; Max Weber; Oswald Spengler; Hitler und Kästner; Albert Schweitzer; Erich Maria Remarque; Karl Jaspers; Albert Schweitzer; Werner von Braun; C. G. Jung; Heine und Kant; Wolfgang von Goethe; Hugo von Hofmannsthal; Ute Frevert; Erica Fischer; and Christa Wolf.   Give it a try!  Mark Thamert